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All four oils for your beard to enjoy.

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If you're unsure which of our four incredible oils is the right one for you, then try them all out with our four oil sample collection. You will receive one of each of our beautiful beard oils in a 10 ml screw-cap bottle, giving you 40 ml in total (that's a good month's supply for most beardsmen). Once you've made your decision, you can buy the full size bottle of your choice in complete confidence.

*Please note - the size of our sample bottles has increased by 25%.

  • Quantity 40 ml
markus s

This would have been a best-seller among the gods of ancient Gre

I don't know why, but last year someone told me I should get a beard oil, as my beard did appearently looked somewhat shabby. Since I had no idea what beard oil was, I googled it and after spending hours/days comparing all the beard oil brands out there (it's more than you think), I decided to go for first olympian. I liked the idea of a sample to try all the different types and even though I like all four, I am sure my next bottle will be Eros as I find the smell simply mind blowing. My girlfriend approves of it too (even though she was shocked to find me buyng beard oil in the first place). I would like to say that the costumer service is excellent and I like that part of the profit is put to good use somewhere else. all in all, I'll recommend this to everyone who likes to grow a beard in style and appreciates a masculine scent around the realms of his facial hair.

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Nigel L

The perfect starter kit for the beard beginner

Although I've had a beard of sorts for the last 10 years or so, it was only a few months ago that I decided to grow one in earnest.

These oils are so delightful, you may struggle to pick a favourite. At the moment, I think I love Ares the most. It's the most masculine smell I've ever had the pleasure of wearing and every second with this is nirvana for my nostrils.

Without a shadow of a doubt, this sample collection is fantastic value for money and a great way to try out the range.

Jerome B

The Best of All Worlds

No matter what scent you choose, you are a winner. Zeus and Aros were my favorites. Even Hermes and Ares aren't scents to frown upon. Each scent can be rated differently. One smokey, one airy, one citrusy, and one pungent. You must try a sample kit for yourself, or you'll never truly know which scent is for you.

Matteo C


The package is simply amazing, very high quality stuff.
The flavours are fantastic and complex, I need some day to choose which one is my favorite...I love them all!
I'll buy First Olympan's oils again!
Regards from Italy
Matteo C.

David B

David Bull

I have only ever grown stubble up to now and thought I better give it a go and go full on beard!

I ordered this sample collection and glad I did. This gives you an opportunity to get a feel for the oils and the aromas, which are all very different. Through using this sample I am now going to place a further order for a larger size of oil.

I love the feel, fragrance and conditioning of the skin these oils provide. I have tried other brands and nothing comes close to the feel of First Olympian.

I also love the fact that the aromas last all day, I've still received compliments in the pub after a long day at work!

Great product, give it a go!

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James M

Four Gods in one beard.

Over the past few months I'd endeavored to grow my beard into something close to respectable. As it got longer, it became scruffier, itchier and noway near as magnificent as I'd dreamed it should be.

After chatting to a few bearded brethren, they all suggested I get a hold of some beard oils and First Olympian were mentioned several times. What with Christmas coming up, I asked if Santa could provide me with a sample pack, just to see what all the fuss was about...

Upon ripping open the wrapping paper I was elated to find he hadn't disappointed me! The first thing I noticed about this sample set is just how lovingly packaged and put together the whole thing was; I'm a sucker for attention to detail, so the thought and attention that had gone in to this had me grinning beneath my bristles before I'd even opened the phials of oil themselves.

So, onto the oils. Utterly brilliant is about the only way I can think to describe them; they're a pleasure to use and have restored the beard I see in the mirror to match the one I see in my head; healthy, soft and worthy of being called a beard. As an added bonus, my beard now smells fantastic, no matter which of the four samples I, err... sample. My favorite changes with each day, but I'm pretty sure Hermes or Ares are the best. Although it could be Eros. Or Zeus. Either way, they all bring a smile to my face when I breath in.
To be honest, I'm glad Santa brought me the sample set as now I have a range of aromas to choose from. Although that does mean I spend forever each day trying to decide which to use.

I will definitely be purchasing some more in the near future, just as soon as I make up my mind which god I should be.

As a side note, the fact that every First Olympian purchase helps the National Autistic Society is truly fantastic; I've worked with several autistic children over the past few years, and have found them to be some of the most interesting and inspiring people out there.

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Waqas K


I was given this sample pack as a gift by my friend, and what a gift it is. I went through that common phase of growing a healthy beard then going into neglect it became rough, itch and started to lose it's healthy shine.

I resolved to using the traditional methods of olive oil, this worked for a bit but had drawback it didn't smell nice and only worked while on so required continuous oiling throughout the day and benefited the skin more than the beard itself.

I received this pleasant surprise and judged by the lovely packaging the the product itself would be good, as it was well designed and well packaged.

The sample pack contains 4 "deities" Zeus, Eros, Hermes, and last but not least Ares. The smell of each is magnificent in their own rights.

Zeus - this was my favourite I would describe the smell as a complex blend of citrus and spice, it is sharp but pleasing. When applied smells last longer than the rest, which is not a bad thing to say the least, the smell after application is still citrusy yet sharp and sour. Complex but beautiful.

Eros - this was also my favourite a blend of citrus and flower it's not as sharp as Zeus but it's a clean smell. After application it smells like a citrusy flower with slight hint of spice.

Hermes - another favourite of mine. The smell is strong musky smell a classical smell. It has of a very "Oud" (Arabian musk) smell, sandalwood being the dominant smell, fresh crisp yet smokey. After application the smell is musky and crisp.

Ares - I would say this is also my favourite. Another complex smell, the smell is smokey yet sweet. It's a smell that's reminiscent of a classy elder gentlemen. On application there's a smokey nutty smell. I liked this as it's a very unique smell.

Smells are subjective to each individual but I assure they all smell wonderful. The problem, as you may have noticed from the above description is which one to choose? They are all wonderful but the best thing is not only the smell.

Olive oil and other traditional oils give the beard a wet look whereas these oils give the beard a very healthy yet natural look all throughout the day even after washing the beard during the day.

First week they recommend using it twice a day if beard is really unhealthy I did this but found that after only 3 days my beard was healthy and shiny. Not only does it help the beard but also the skin you will feel a cool burning initially but will notice no more dry skin and softer skin.

Unlike traditional oil if you forget to use it one day the beard will remain soft and still look very healthy. All in all I am extremely pleased with this product only issue which one to choose?

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Neil E

A man at odds

I am in to the second week of treating my beard to the 4 sample oils from First Olympian. It is here I have encountered a big problem. Which of the 4 excellent beard oils do I purchase in future?
I have been hovering my beard over every available and willing nose to get a consensus and so far it seems a hopeless task.
My partner, at first said she didn't like Hermes at at but loved Zeus and Eros. But today I lathered my beard defiantly in Hermes today and I got the comment from her that I smelled "magnificent".
Maybe I will have to buy all four. Damn you First Olympian for making extra painful decisions in my life. But, hell, my beard feels like a luxury rug and smells god-like

  • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

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The Collection

The Collection

All four oils for your beard to enjoy.

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