Eros Beard Oil

Bright, vibrant, rich.

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Eros means "desire" and signifies the loving heart of a man who wishes to enjoy the simple pleasures of his life and to share the good in himself with those he holds dear. With finest Sicilian bergamot and lemon, this classic fragrance captures the warmth and contentment of the Mediterranean sun, and with time, deeper musky notes begin to blossom, giving a sense of intimacy and quiet enjoyment of the moments shared with friends and lovers.

Key Notes: Bright, vibrant, citrus and sunshine with deep, mellow roots.

Suits: Summertime, romantic evenings, time spent relaxing with close and trusted friends.

Please note: all of our full bottles are supplied with a glass dropper/pipette for easy, mess free, ½ml application of your beard oil. Each full bottle contains 54-58ml of oil (stated minimum 50ml) giving 3 months supply for all but the heaviest and most manly of beards.

  • Quantity 50 ml
Mathew B

The Ladies love it!

I've had a beard in varying styles and lengths since i was a young eighteen yearold lad but never let it reach its full potential, beard envy followed me where ever I went. As I rapidly approached the age of 30 I discovered First Olympian and such a delightful discovery it has been. Having spent a few weeks road testing all the oils in the handy sample set, I settled down and discovered my oil. EROS is a beautifully balanced oil, subtle but still very noticeable on the beard. It's completely changed the way I care for my beard and made it soft on touch, be warned it will become an obsession. More importantly it has given me the confidence to let my beard grow and finally fulfill its true potential. Just one more thing - THE LADIES LOVE IT!

chris p

My beard smells mystical

After having my interests captured by First Olympian, simply through amazing branding, good ethics and the general loveliness of the people behind the name, I decided to write a quick letter to Santa, On the basis of me being a good egg throughout the year, he would in turn bring me some of this magical potion for my face fur.

Contrary to belief, he is real and followed through with the bargain, well that’s what my mum said.
Like a dog that’s just heard the door handle move, I sat before a small black box, it was here and it was time for me to engage into the realms of the bearded men.

Splashing on said potion, I heard my beard exhale, it was like being drop kicked in the face by mother nature herself before being held tight to her wonderfully smelling warm bosom, my beard smelt mystical,I had arrived.

The days that followed Christmas were very interesting, “how was your Christmas?” was briskly answered with, “smell my beard!”
I now feel like I have common ground with other bearded men who I pass in the street, I sometimes give a nod, much like two bikers passing on the road, albeit I’m met with a disgruntled glare but hey ho, the efforts there.

If you have just one resolution this year, it should be to buy a bottle of this stuff and start nurturing that beautiful face warmer you keep beneath your nose. First Olympian will not disappoint.

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Derren B

Use with Caution

Well with a name like Eros, I fully expected this to be a saucy little number and I wasn't disappointed. It opens with a hint of Citrus and maybe a note of patchouli, but then something mysterious envelopes your nose, something from distant far away lands. I imagined walking the pages of a Clive Barker novel and discovering a wondrous new scent something delightful and a little bit dangerous. You really must use this with caution though. I consider myself a bit of a misanthrope, and have often delighted in the fact that because I have a face that only a mother could love I can often sit on a crowded train and no one will park their posterior next to mine. But since wearing this delightful oil, everyone and their mother wants a piece of me. No matter how I scowl or frown or growl, someone will sit next to me, even if I'm the only person on the carriage. I've even caught the odd secret sniff from fellow passengers. This stuff smells divine and will no doubt get you the partner of your dreams. Just be careful wearing it in crowded places!

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Eros Beard Oil

Eros Beard Oil

Bright, vibrant, rich.

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