Ares Beard Oil

Smoky, clean, manly.

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The Ancient Hymn to Ares tells of his qualities:

"Ares, exceeding in strength, chariot-rider, golden-helmed, doughty in heart, shield-bearer, Saviour of cities, harnessed in bronze, strong of arm, unwearying, mighty with the spear, O defender of Olympus"

Ares signifies the strength, courage and determination of a man, holding fast amid life's myriad challenges, protecting the weak and standing up for his friends, family and beliefs. With the fresh, outdoorsy notes of cedarwood and the smoky base notes of birch Ares Beard Oil is the perfect representation of the adventurous, independent, freedom-loving man.

Key notes: Fresh, smoky and vigilant, with pine forest and alluring leather and smoke undertones.

Suits: The great outdoors, autumn evenings by the fire, time spent under the sky and in the company of your brothers in arms.

Please note: all of our full bottles are supplied with a glass dropper/pipette for easy, mess free, ½ml application of your beard oil. Each full bottle contains 54-58ml of oil (stated minimum 50ml) giving 3 months supply for all but the heaviest and most manly of beards.


  • Quantity 50 ml
Luke R

well folks, it just gets better!

What can I say ladies and gents I am yet again overly impressed with the quality and standard of product that I recive from First Olympian. Upon raving about my little sample tester of Ares I logically moved on to purchasing the larger bottle of the all powerful beard elixir. £34 isn't exactly cheap but when it comes to quality you can't skimp on the shillings pence and pounds my friends. So down to the nitty gritty the product.... Well I can saftly say that Ares is the scent for me. Woody, Smokey, remanicent of chilly winter nights in a dense forest. The scent develops and mingles amongst the chin whiskers and allows an individual to smell like real men should. Like real men did. The bottle is large enough to last probably a month or more using it sparingly and the addition of a glass pipette is ideal in the easy dustrabution of the magical beard oil across my manly face fuzz. Over all my bearded bretheren I feel that after yet over another week of oil beard use my beard is now even fuller and flows like the fine fur on a grizzly and look and smell like a fine piece of fresh cut wood. Long and short folks just try it I give it my full backing and I'm pretty sure that due to this fanominal oil I'm in line for a promotion , women swoon at the site of my beard, babies cries cease at the sight of my beard. And the health benefits well need I say more.

10/10 again and again. First Olympian have gained a customer for the life time of my beard, so lets just say life then. Keep up the good work guys.

P.s the thank you note is very lovely, wonderful personal touch. But honestly guys thank you.


Dean M

Smoky the Bear ain't got a patch

This was my first beard oil and it was love at first rub. The smell made the hairs stand on the back of my neck while the hairs on my face were immediately tamed from their once frizzy pubescent state.
I found my beard was constantly dry and brittle with the hair easily breaking and it also just didn't feel nice to the touch but with a drop of this oil round your chops it keeps it smooth, soft and under control. This oil is really the difference between having a well kept beard and looking like a fuzzy vagrant.
The bottle is a little pricey but you are getting a 2 in 1 here as the scent is mantastic, a decent cologne would cost more. Overall this is my beard oil of choice. First Step to looking like a Greek God - First Olympian,
Get some

Deano aka Avantengarde

See my full review here

Derren B

Be the Man you've always wanted to be

When I was younger I really wanted to be my Dad, he did outdoor things, killed little animals for food, things involving wood, Manly outdoor pursuits. As I grew older I spent most of my time in front of a computer screen, the only thing I killed was made by Nintendo. I wanted to distance myself from Dad type things and go my own way in life. That was until I first treated myself to a sample of Ares Beard oil. The beautiful smokiness filled my nostrils and I was taken back to Autumnal mornings gathering Logs with my hairy faced Dad again. Its a wonderful masculine scent with something that might be frankincense lurking underneath. My Dad has since gone back to the light from whence he came, and never got to see my beautiful bearded face, but every time I open the bottle I'm reminded of his masculinity that I aspire to. When I'm sat in the office at work and catch of waft of this gorgeous oil, I'm taken out of the grey walls and florescent lights and I'm striding through the woods with a checked shirt on and a brace of dead furry things on my shoulders. Buy this Oil and be a Man, be my Dad!

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Jem N


The Ares Oil is incredible, it is really manly, like a hint of tobacco and single malt Scotch around the campfire in a forest of pine at night. It's quite something, highly recommended!

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Ares Beard Oil

Ares Beard Oil

Smoky, clean, manly.

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