No Frills Zeus Beard Oil

Complex, floral, citrus.

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Peerless Zeus: husband, father, king, ruler of Olympus. For the man of responsibility and gravitas, Zeus beard oil is an intoxicationg blend of Italian lemon, African orchid, petitgrain from Southern France and a host of other  rare oils, herbs and spices, sourced from the finest organic growers around the world. Zeus beard oil is a masterpiece of complexity creating a floral, citrus cologne that is bursting with potential, not unlike Zeus himself. The King of the Gods was the bringer of order and justice. Mature, self-reliant, responsible, but also generous, forgiving and radiating sincerity and warmth. A complex character, reflected in the complexity of this immortal blend.

Notes: wildflowers and lemons with a rich and complex hint of spice.

Suits: the man of maturity, comfortable in his own company, content to keep his counsel and indulge those he loves. A truly confident cologne.

Please note: all of our full bottles are supplied with a glass dropper/pipette for easy, mess free, ½ml application of your beard oil. Each full bottle contains 54-58ml of oil (stated minimum 50ml) giving 3 months supply for all but the heaviest and most manly of beards.

This listing is for the \'No Frills\' version - a simple PET plastic bottle: safe, non-toxic, strong, lightweight, flexible and 100% recyclable. No box, superfluous packaging, no glass or cork. Travel-friendly.

  • Quantity 50 ml

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No Frills Zeus Beard Oil

No Frills Zeus Beard Oil

Complex, floral, citrus.

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