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First Olympian is an artisan fragrance company based in Durham, England. Our philosophy of care, expertise and attention to detail has been lauded by our many customers, and our fragrances are produced in non-industrial quantities, made by hand, using only the highest quality organic ingredients. We source the finest oils from around the world: such as Argan Oil from Morocco, Bergamot and Lemon from Sicily, Black Spruce from Canada, Lime from Italy and Myrrh from India, to name but a few.

Each bottle of our exquisitely presented oils is lovingly crafted by our in-house alchemist Jeremy Neal and carefully packed by hand before being posted to you.

Jeremy was the creative force behind the beard oil blends made by Original Norfolk: King, Warrior, Lover and Magician. He has taken those principles to new levels with the development of the First Olympian range which are (he believes) a major improvement on those original oils.

Original Norfolk was only in existence for a short time but nonetheless managed to attract a loyal customer base due to the high quality of the product and great customer service, provided by Jeremy's partner, Alice. Original Norfolk's select group of customers expanded to include over 20 countries worldwide within only a few days of launch and the products made a marvellous impression. Our values and approach have not changed in the least and First Olympian is more of an evolution of those solid founding principles than a replacement of them.



One of the major proponents of our business philosophy is our three year old son Teddy who was recently diagnosed with autism. He inspires us to work hard and forge a positive future for our family regardless of the challenges we face every day. As an acknowledgement of the wonderful, quirky and loving little boy who has so blessed our lives we pledge 5% of every bottle sold to support the National Autistic Society, an organsiation dedicated to raising awareness of this challenging and isolating condition and supporting adults, children and families that are affected. We hope that you will support autism awareness (and Teddy) by supporting us.

 "It finally came! Smelling regal!!"Benjamin Evans
"My sister bought me the whole set for my birthday yesterday. Quite simply the best present ever !!" David Russell Taylor.
"Ordered the sample, loved it so much I've gone for a full bottle today, good work guys" @uncle_beardo
"My beard has never looked so good." Jeremy Philips
"It is gorgeous!" Nick Hartley Smith
"Once again the team and especially Alice have proven the value of great customer service!" Ross
"Totally in love with my oil" Ricardo Araujo
"Seriously just grow a beard to wear this. Not only will you be more attractive. You'll smell heavenly." Michael Treasure
"How awesome is this packaging? Love it." Warren Beckett.

 Contacting Us

You can use the online form to send us a message and we will repsond within 24 hours.

Alternatively you can send an email to and we will answer that also within 24 hours. If you have any customer service enquiries then you can email If you need to send a letter, our address is:

First Olympian,
48 High Street,
Byers Green,
DL16 7PG