No Frills Eros Beard Oil


"No Frills" Eros Beard Oil.

Eros means "desire" and signifies the loving heart of a man who wishes to enjoy the simple pleasures of his life and to share the good in himself with those he holds dear. With finest Sicilian bergamot and lemon, this classic fragrance captures the warmth and contentment of the Mediterranean sun, and with time, deeper musky notes begin to blossom, giving a sense of intimacy and quiet enjoyment of the moments shared with friends and lovers.

Key Notes: Bright, vibrant, citrus and sunshine with deep, mellow roots.

Suits: Summertime, romantic evenings, time spent relaxing with close and trusted friends.

Please note: all of our full bottles are supplied with a glass dropper/pipette for easy, mess free, ½ml application of your beard oil. Each full bottle contains 50ml, giving 3 months supply for all but the heaviest and most manly of beards.

This listing is for the 'No Frills' version - a simple PET plastic bottle: safe, non-toxic, strong, lightweight, flexible and 100% recyclable. No box, superfluous packaging, no glass or cork. Travel-friendly.

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