Premium Beard Oil for Men and Immortals

We are a small, family-run business based in Durham in the North of England. Our philosophy of care, attention to detail, and dedicated customer service have earned us the reputation as one of the country's finest beard oil suppliers.

We also supply a growing number of barbershops across the country - please feel free to get in touch with wholesale enquiries.

A Daily Routine...

Good beard care and maintenance is not laborious or time consuming. It should simply become a natural part of your morning routine, like brushing your teeth, and won't take more than a few minutes of your time. If you follow these simple steps then your beard will be soft, tidy and beautiful in no time at all.
--- Every day rinse your beard with hot water, not so hot that you burn yourself, but just hot enough to loosen any environmental debris that's accumulated in the past 24 hours. There's no need to use soap or shampoo daily, this will strip your beard of its natural and protective nutrients, instead use soap or shampoo as you would for your hair, every two or three days should be adequate.
--- Towel dry your beard and allow it to air-dry fully.
--- Pour a small pool of First Olympian beard oil into the palm of your hand and work into the beard, ensuring that you work it right through to the skin underneath with your fingers. If you haven't used beard oil previously, you'll need to use more at first until your beard has recovered its condition. Once your beard grooming routine is fully established you'll require much less beard oil to achieve the same result.
--- At this point you can run a comb through your fine beard and take a few moments to quietly contemplate your manly magnificence before facing the world. Extra measures you should take include:

Keep it tidy...

Keep your beard trimmed neatly, especially over your top lip. Even the full handlebar doesn't grow out fully over the lip, so take care to avoid the scruffy "shredded wheat" effect of a poorly trimmed moustache.

Beard Dandruff...

If you suffer from beard dandruff and flaking, this is due to the fact that the beard draws moisture from the skin underneath and can leave it very dry. Daily use of beard oil will clear this up within 3 to 5 days, but you must follow the beard care routine detailed above to ensure that your beard and skin stay in top condition at all times. More severe cases of dryness might require using a little extra oil to ensure that the skin is well moisturised and nourished, then you can cut down on quantity once the problem is back under control. Our intensive beard treatment, used once a week, will also help considerably with this and with:

Sore Skin...

If your skin is sore, red and sensitive under your beard then you need to intensify your care routine. Wash daily with a very mild soap and apply beard oil as usual. The antiseptic and antifungicidal properties of your beard oil will soon restore the natural PH level of your skin and inhibit the growth of microbes which cause the inflammation. Once your skin feels soft and healthy again, you can revert to the normal routine and provided you stick with it, you won't have another flare-up.

If you have any questions about beard care and grooming then get in touch, we'll try to help.

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