The Pantheon - all four of our Divine Beard Oils: Zeus, Hermes, Eros and Ares.


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All Four Gods for one special price:

Peerless Zeus: husband, father, king, ruler of Olympus. For the man of responsibility and gravitas, Zeus beard oil is an intoxicating blend of Italian lemon, African orchid, petitgrain from Southern France and a host of other rare oils, herbs and spices, sourced from the finest organic growers around the world. Zeus beard oil is a masterpiece of complexity creating a floral, citrus cologne that is bursting with potential, not unlike Zeus himself. The King of the Gods was the bringer of order and justice. Mature, self-reliant, responsible, but also generous, forgiving and radiating sincerity and warmth. A complex character, reflected in the complexity of this immortal blend.

Notes: wildflowers and lemons with a rich and complex hint of spice.

Suits: the man of maturity, comfortable in his own company, content to keep his counsel and indulge those he loves. A truly confident cologne.

Hermes is the path to the mystery at the heart of life. Understanding this, the creative man seeks knowledge and insight to improve his fortunes and to stay his path, which is no doubt unconventional and subtle. Hermes beard oil is a magical blend of rare and exotic ingredients, sandalwood from the Far East, vetyver - or Indian Khus - alongside the freshness of watermelon and other intoxicating notes. The overall effect is sweet, lively and almost edible with intriguing subtleties that seem to shift with time, revealing ever-warmer and more comforting levels.

Key Notes: Sweet, minty, soft with delicate hints of fruit and balmy autmunal breezes.

Suits: times of industry and application, conversation, debate and camaraderie.

Eros means "desire" and signifies the loving heart of a man who wishes to enjoy the simple pleasures of his life and to share the good in himself with those he holds dear. With finest Sicilian bergamot and lemon, this classic fragrance captures the warmth and contentment of the Mediterranean sun, and with time, deeper musky notes begin to blossom, giving a sense of intimacy and quiet enjoyment of the moments shared with friends and lovers.

Key Notes: Bright, vibrant, citrus and sunshine with deep, mellow roots.

Suits: Summertime, romantic evenings, time spent relaxing with close and trusted friends.

The Ancient Hymn to Ares tells of his qualities:

"Ares, exceeding in strength, chariot-rider, golden-helmed, doughty in heart, shield-bearer, Saviour of cities, harnessed in bronze, strong of arm, unwearying, mighty with the spear, O defender of Olympus"

Ares signifies the strength, courage and determination of a man, holding fast amid life's myriad challenges, protecting the weak and standing up for his friends, family and beliefs. With the fresh, outdoorsy notes of cedarwood and the smoky base notes of birch Ares Beard Oil is the perfect representation of the adventurous, independent, freedom-loving man.

Key notes: Fresh, smoky and vigilant, with pine forest and alluring leather and smoke undertones.

Suits: The great outdoors, autumn evenings by the fire, time spent under the sky and in the company of your brothers in arms.

Please note: all of our full bottles are supplied with a glass dropper/pipette for easy, mess free, ½ml application of your beard oil. Each full bottle contains 54-58ml of oil (stated minimum 50ml) giving 3 months supply for all but the heaviest and most manly of beards

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